Tim Savage – Founder


I joined the Metropolitan Police in September 1975 and by the end of 1976 had been diagnosed as Insulin Dependent Diabetic (IDD). The Chief Medical officer (CMO) said he would let me stay in but I would be back very soon begging him to let me go because I would not be able to cope. However I continued and completed my 30 yrs service in September 2005. In my service I had worked in the West End, Clapham, Brixton, TSG and finished off at Croydon. My work still revolves around the police as an agency worker for RIG police recruit.

I am married to Laura, a nurse, who has always been very supportive of my struggles for diabetic parity. We have a daughter Jessica who is now at University studying marine biology and we are very proud of her. I have always loved motorcycling and driving and have made many trips to Nurburgring in Germany and the Isle of Man to hone my skill. The CMO who introduced ‘Blanket Bans’ in 1992 told me it would be dangerous as an IDD to exceed 30mph, so I try really hard not to. I go to the gym regularly and do a bit of road cycling, often taking part in charity rides.

This association is still very important to me and it really bugs me that people and police services still want to treat diabetics badly, often on the basis of ignorant assumptions. Its not that difficult nowadays with the internet and associations like this one and Diabetes UK’s to get expert, experience based, answers to questions. Assumptions in my opinion are a lazy and ignorant assessment, that can do a lot of damage to peoples lives and careers.