DVLA Police Driver Recommendations


The DVLA recommend that insulin dependent diabetics should not drive emergency vehicles.
The NPDA have been working to overturn this recommendation which is discriminatory and insulting to all well controlled insulin dependent diabetics. Chief Inspector Joe Wrigley from Essex Police was leading a working group to seek support from various diabetic organisations and experts as well as members of parliament and driving organisations to overturn this recommendation.

In December 2008, the Association of Local Authority Medical Advisors (ALAMA) made recommendations on how a police service should manage the selection and training of any officer wishing to engage in response driving who is insulin dependent.

The NPDA fully support these recommendations. Essex Police, the Metropolitan Police and many other forces now follow the ALAMA guidelines.

As a result of this change in procedure, the committee of the NPDA no longer see a necessity to challenge the DVLA recommendation as it is felt that the ALAMA recommendations meet our needs fully and actually ignore the DVLA recommendation making it redundant now!

We will keep you informed of any further changes on the horizon in relation to response driving whilst insulin dependent.

Kind regards
Mark Lewis

The ALAMA recommendations can be downloaded here (MS Word 46Kb)

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